Lepadella acuminata (Ehrenberg, 1834)

Most likely ID: n.a.


Synonym: n. a.


Sampling location: Ulmisried, Simmelried


Phylogenetic tree: Lepadella acuminata



  • lorica oval
  • lorica posteriorly extended as a pointed projection
  • length of lorica 92 – 110 µm, width 53 – 64 µm
  • anteriorly a broad granulated collar
  • ventral side flat
  • ventral sinus semicircular or U-shaped
  • lorica in cross section almost semicircular
  • foot groove shaped ovally
  • terminal segment of foot longer than basal section of foot
  • toes long and pointed
Lepadella acuminata

Lepadella acuminata is very common in my sites Ulmisried and Simmelried throughout the year. This rotifer is mostly found in floating plant masses. Lepadella acuminata can be recognized by the elongated and pointed posterior end of the lorica (s. fig. 1). At the anterior end of the body there is a granulated collar surrounding the dorsal opening for the head (s. fig. 2).


More images and information on Lepadella acuminata: Michael Plewka-Freshwater life-Lepadella acuminata


Fig. 1: Lepadella acuminata. L = 94 µm (of the lorica). Ventral view of a slightly squashed specimen found in June 2005. Note the posteriorly drawn out projection of the lorica (arrow). Obj. 40 X.


Fig. 2: Lepadella acuminata. L = 103 µm (of the lorica). Ventral view of a second specimen found in November 2019. Note the granulated collar (GC) at the anterior end of the lorica. Obj. 60 X.