Scenedesmus verrucosus (Roll, 1925)

Most likely ID: n.a.


Synonyms: Scenedesmus bijugatus v. granulatus, Scenedemus f. verrucosa, Scenedesmus ecornis v. granulatus, Scenedemus granulatus f. disciformis, Chlorella ultrasquamata


Sampling location: Simmelried


Phylogenetic tree: Scenedesmus verrucosus



  • colonies 4-8 cells, in two rows
  • no gaps between single cells
  • single cells 5.4 – 14.4 µm long, 2-7 µm wide
  • surface finely granulated
  • one pyrenoid per cell
Scenedesmus verrucosus

Probably cosmopolitan distribution. The cenobia of this species often disintegrate into single cells, which is why it has been described as Chlorella (see synonyms). The pyrenoid is sometimes indistinctly visible.


Fig. 1: Scenedesmus verrucosus. Two focal planes of an 8 cell colony. PY = pyrenoid. Obj. 100 X.