Squatinella leydigi (Zacharias, 1886)

Most likely ID: n.a.


Synonym: n.a.


Sampling location: Simmelried


Phylogenetic tree: Squatinella leydigi



  • lorica oval with one distinct dorsal spines
  • dorsal spine (90–110 µm) with blunt, distal end
  • head shield depressed, mushroom cap-shaped
  • two lateral auricles below head shield
  • length 110–200 µm
  • ventral shield absent
  • foot with three segments
  • no spine on the third foot segment
  • equal pair of slender, pointed toes
Squatinella leydigi

So far I have only found one specimen of Squatinella leydigi in February 2017 in a sample from the Simmelried. Unfortunately, I mistook the specimen for the similar species Squatinella longispinata, which is why I only took photos from the dorsal view (s. fig. 1 a-d).


Although the specimen is only visible from the dorsal side, it can be identified as Squatinella leydigi, because the head shield is shaped like a mushroom cap. The two lateral auricles can also be seen in the blur (s. fig. 1 d). Another characteristic feature of Squatinella leydigi is the blunt end of the dorsal spine (s. fig. 2).


Fig. 1 a-d: Squatinella leydigi. L = 137 µm. Different focal planes from dorsal. Note the mushroom cap-shaped head shield (HS). The two lateral auricles (AU) are out of focal plane. DS = dorsal spine, FT = foot, TO = toes. Obj. 60 X.


Fig. 2: Squatinella leydigi. The blunt distal end of the dorsal spine (arrow). Obj. 60 X.